Raw Milk / Go Fish

So I had a raw milk cappuccino the other day (and no, it's not on any menu in town). It was pretty crazy! The milk is a lot more dynamic than your standard pasteurized and homogenized milk. It's a whole lot different than even the Avalon Dairy organic milk I have once in a while. I'm not sure where I stand on its place in coffee drinks. One side of me thinks that it is awesome that you can have a drink where the milk is just as influential, or close to it, as the coffee, but the other side says that the coffee should remain the dominant characteristic and shouldn't be modified too much by the milk's flavors. In a raw milk cappuccino you can definitely taste the cow.

Also, I am a full supporter of raw milk and related products (as long as they are treated properly by the producer). This is a message to governmental food inspectors: let young raw milk cheese in from France! Let it in!

In other news, I made a trip down to Go Fish, a local fish and chips shack owned by a couple of restaurateurs with other popular restaurants in their portfolio (the Bin family of tapas bars). They are literally a shack adjacent to Granville Island at the False Creek Harbour Authority. The first time I went involved halibut and chips and they were excellent. These were easily the best chips/fries I've ever had, generously salted and perfectly fried. The second time involved their tuna tacones which were also most excellent, lots of stuff in them that I couldn't quite identify but they were well flavored with a balance between the subtlety of the tuna and the various vegetables and herbs used. Now I just need to catch their risotto that shows up on the specials board and I will be satisfied. It's a great little walk from the cafe after work too, so it's becoming a bit of a habit! Check them out if you haven't already.


Blogger Jonathan Howse said...

you'll have to try some Newfie fish (cod) and chips someday. If you buy the plane ticket, I'll treat you to the meal...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

What were you drinking? The study revealed the presence of
salmonella, listeria, campylobacter, yersinia, E. coli, and
staphylococcus... Many bacteria are not killed by pasteurization.


Blogger Peter said...

I love your anonymous milk propaganda spam message.

I am fully aware of risks incurred with drinking raw, unpasteurized milk. These same risks are taken with a ton of other food products that have the potential of contamination. Everything we eat is quite risky. I say life is too short to worry about it.

Plus, did you know most of those bacteria are present in your own body! They actually do your body a favor with digestion. Only certain strains are harmful to the human body.



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