Crossing paths with the Black Cat

The adjustment to a previously known and used set of machinery and a cafe is an odd experience. You return to a place that feels normal but there are subtle differences (or not so subtle) that affect your performance. Especially so if you are coming off of a period of work at another cafe, like myself, where things were quite different.

That being said, I am readjusting fairly well I think, going back to Wicked, finding different people, equipment and ways of doing things. It's really not all that different though. It does highlight the myriad of ways to run a cafe.

The GB5 is such a great machine in relation to commonly available commercial machines in Canada. Sure, us GB5 users (or Synesso converts) complain about the ergonomics, the reality of its temperature stability and its aesthetics, but try using another machine without the level of stability or the design that accounts for high volume use and you will miss the GB5 dearly. I know I did. But I am back.


Blogger Mike White said...

i met Arthur and Brad up there in the beginning of the month. Would have been nice to meet you too. Thanks for checkin us out...

Blogger Jonathan Howse said...

what size drink is that?

Blogger Peter said...

12 oz. Unfortunately, none of my 6 oz drinks turn out on film... I'll get a good one some day.


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