Taste of Calgary

Yesterday involved going to one of my favorite festivals held in the city of Calgary, the Taste of Calgary. For all of you not in the know, this is where many local restaurants (or breweries/wine merchants) pitch tents and provide samples of their food and the attendees buy tickets to acquire their food or drink. It's a fun and crowded place to be on a Sunday afternoon.

Unfortunately, there was nothing that particularly wowed my taste buds, except getting to taste one of my favorite brews from Tree Brewery in Kelowna, the Hophead India Pale Ale. Wild Rose Brewery was also there, and their Industrial Park Pale Ale was pretty good too. But for food I was kind of disappointed. Maybe we didn't select our stalls properly...

There was a definite absence of local cafe culture there. Only Starbucks represented from the coffee industry. If only someone set up a little espresso shack... a high profile festival like Taste of Calgary paired with high quality coffee would be a sure seller that would continue past the dates of the four day festival. I guess I am making a call for submissions all you coffee shop owners!

Also, I move back to Vancouver at the beginning of September where I hope to acquire a job again as a barista.


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