A non-coffee post

Hi all (and there are more than two of you!)...

I've decided to post a non-coffee related bit for a change. I think I have flogged a dead horse just a few too many times with recollections of my cafe and Calgary's coffee scene. Really, I think I have to wait the month until I'm in Vancouver, then I can start talking the good stuff.

In 8 days time, I am flying to my family's cottage in Nova Scotia. Located 20 minutes outside of beautiful Antigonish (home to St. Francis Xavier University) I will spend a weeks time at our waterfront property. I cannot wait. It should be fun times on the level of much Alexander Keith's, which for those of you not in the know, is an "India Pale Ale" (it's not an IPA strictly speaking... not enough hops... or character for that matter) and snorkelling around the rocks. I fly direct to Halifax from Calgary. Yay! I love flying.

On another note, I just got into drinking martinis. When I say just, I mean just. I was craving something different from my usual beer and/or straight up luxury vodka (Chopin is my current libation... Superstore didn't have the Goose). So I went to the corner liquor store and purchased a litre of Martini & Rossi vermouth. Unfortunately they only had sweet... but I'm liking it. Holy cow am I ever liking it. They are brilliant! The vermouth cuts the edge of the vodka down almost entirely. Mmmhmmm... and to think that vodka isn't too expensive... 30-40 CDN for the ones I drink (and I'll even settle for Finlandia or Stoli... 20 CDN) and vermouth is dead cheap - 12 CDN for a litre?? I may have another passion. Actually I doubt it... they're fun to drink though. I'm sticking to martinis without olives though. Ick. Olives.

Joe, you will remember good times with this one: my fridge currently contains (for alcohol anyways) a Rickard's Tasters Dozen. Recall that night? Oh yeah. And I've got a 750 mL bottle of La Fin du Monde. And the freezer has a 750 mL of Chopin Polish potato vodka as well as a bit of Grey Goose. My bar is becoming well stocked! (I shouldn't forget the mickey of St Remy Brandy either!)

It sure is great not having the restrictions on drinking put in place by Pearson. I love my drinks.

Anyways... if you're reading this and haven't commented and/or emailed me... do it. I will return your email asap.