Elysian News

I recently received an email from Alistair Durie of the Elysian Room detailing the weekly offerings of his most excellent shop. Apparently, in my absence, a Synesso has been installed in place of his LM Linea as well as the world's first Clover 1s installed in a commercial environment. Talk about improvements! The 1s is a reengineered version of the revolutionary machine that was introduced several months ago. Also, the Synesso has proven itself to be one of the top machines on the market for performance. Elysian will be bringing in one pound of the Best of Panama Esmeralda Special tomorrow. If you wish for a cup, and they aren't already sold out from pre-booking, call or stop in before tomorrow so you can get your hands on this incredible lot of an incredible coffee.

My own coffee life isn't too exciting at the moment. I'm still keeping busy at Bumpy's pouring drinks.



Well, I have been given the green light to mention where I work in Calgary. I am a barista at what I believe is one of the few places in Calgary where it is possible to get a true espresso, Bumpy's Cafe on 8th Street SW between 10th and 11th Avenues. I work full time, so it's pretty easy to catch me at work. I'm getting quite confident with the machine and beans (Big Mountain), so feel free to ask for an espresso from me. Email me if you have any more questions about what I'm up to, but this will be my home base until the end of August. I hope to see some of my readers in the shop!